IGPES Group is one of the fastest growing conglomerates in Sub-Saharan Africa, with interest in Oil & Gas, pressure vessel fabrication, pipeline construction, Operations and Maintenance/ Asset Management, Project Management Services, Engineering, Procurement/Supply Chain Management, Product Line Development Installation and Commissioning. Brown fields development, Modification and Installations, Shut downs, Tie-ins and Commissioning service of Oil and Gas facilities.


IGPES Group is the leading service provider in Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals and Power sectors in Nigeria. We provide comprehensive maintenance service portfolio across most industry sectors. Our services can be provided on a standalone basis as well as in a totally integrated fashion.

On-site, we perform world-class maintenance services, helping to minimise risks and lower overall maintenance costs without compromising on safety by making use of multi-skilled craft personnel. Our teams are constantly trained and ready to take on daily operations of facilities, including facility management planning and control, delivering safe, reliable and predictable output.Horatio Ltd