Our Nigerian Local Content Commitment

IGPES Group has continuously demonstrated her commitment to Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Development (NOGICD) Act of 2010 which is aimed at deepening indigenous participation in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry. With sustainability and development of local economy as the core drivers of our business value, IGPES continues to identify and support Government’s pursuit of the national objective of local content development.

IGPES Group has continued to build on this objective through a cohesive approach that includes being a company with 100% Nigerian workforce. Also, we are committed in the utilization of approved competent Nigerian contractors in our operations and implementing program that enhances the capacities and capabilities of the indigenous companies for sustainable participation in the Oil & Gas industry.

Our desire in the development of local manpower to achieve the desired domestication as envisaged in the NOGICD Act cannot be overemphasized. IGPES has excelled in its human capacity development initiatives (HCDI) designed to close identified critical skills gap in the industry, reduce reliance on expatriate, stop capital flight and create jobs for Nigerians. We will continue to encourage and assign qualified Nigerians to understudy and support (any) hired expatriates in the execution of tasks where
Nigerians are deemed not competent enough.

More so, we have been working closely with NCDMB and other industry stakeholders to address identified critical skills gap to ensure full compliance with the NOGICD Act. Our support to local communities by promoting active participation in various projects through our human capacity development initiatives (HCDI) programs remains one of the flagship commitments to strictly adhere to the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content development (NOGICD) Act.
The IGPES Group Eleme fabrication yard serves as the focal point for all Welding & Electrical fabrications, Equipment services and repairs and we have made significant achievements recorded
through the following successfully completed and ongoing projects in local fabrication and construction, technology transfer and other operational activities.

  • Fabrication of all piping and structures for EPIC of Lact units for NPDC at the Eriemu OML 30 and Forcados OML 30 Asset.
  • EPCI of Amukpe compressor station and Ovhor Gaslift Manifold
  • Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of OML 26 and OML 30 Assets
  • Construction and Commissioning of Jacket and Topsides (CC) for IKIKE Project
  • EPCI of Oil & Gas Processing Facilities at Abura Field OML 65